Has shown effort and knowledge in the area of scripting while being a part of the UGX-Mods community. Please make an additional vote so that we can be ranked within the Top list! Can someone provide me a link to directly download it? I tried to read through as many of the pages here as possible, but may have missed one. Upholds the rules of the forum.

ugx map manager 1.3.4

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I’m gonna try it out right now, looks cool. Our server data is most likely being updated. Dust ‘s Groups Benevolent Mao who has our eternal gratitude and exclusive access to betas and the donator section of the forum.

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More ugx map manager 1. Thanks for your vote!

October 06, It is consistently updated to provide newer maps created. Username Password Remember Me. I let Aidan know but I’m not sure what we can do about it. Expanding on the arrondissement arrondissement gameplay, we’ve included new separate game pas each amigo a unique experience: June 29, Is this a new problem? Username Password Remember Me. Benevolent Soul who has our eternal gratitude and exclusive access to betas and the donator section of the forum.


It is required, isn’t it? I do not know how screenshot manager after she had run up an error message is displayed: July 08, There will be an update soon that fixes mzp issues that people are having with loose files being placed in their mods folder by the Map Manager.

ugx map manager 1.3.4

Your email address will not be published. You can use a mao version of this website but some actions might not work. June 05, Pas Core Xx ne-malware voyage for the arrondissement ugx map mi exe SHA-1 bfde40f57e3b9a4ebf63dee36de.

This update added an EU Europe mirror option to all map downloads.

[App] UGX Map Manager (v1.4.4 Update)

Username Password Remember Me. If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves upon execution. Created days ago by treminaor. I’ll see if I can fix it on my end.

ugx map manager 1.3.4

Please enable JavaScript for best experience. But I do have an issue, it wants to update to version 1. Hate it when that happens, just mpa with my many CryEngine projects I once had going Be sure that you finish all your work before updating! This update fixes a bug where, when the mods folder was manually chosen, the program would dump the map files into the mods folder instead of installing them properly. If you cannot or don’t want to do these steps you can just wait for the update, which will be out very soon after some testing.


Sorry, but I cannot find a link to download this darn manager anywhere. All running pages of UGX-Mods need to be reloaded for your best experience. A workaround for these users is to either a not have two separate installations of World at War i.