Transactional Behavior of a Workflow Instance. A Semiotic Approach to Conceptual Modelling. Journal of Information and Data Management 1 3: A Grammatical Approach to Data Bases. Towards a Sound View Integration Methodology.

video-aulas raciocinio-logico lfg

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On the relational representation raclocinio-logico complex specialization structures. General Purpose Schedulers for Database Systems. Modular Database Design Tools. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. Workflow Parallelization by Data Partition and Pipelining. IEEE Computer 40 Analysis of the Algebras of Geographical Operations. His research interests concentrate on database conceptual modeling and construction of database management systems.

video-aulas raciocinio-logico lfg

Identifying candidate datasets for data interlinking. Conceptual modeling by analogy and metaphor. Logic programming systems using general clauses and defaults. Preliminary Report on an Algebra of Lightweight Ontologies.

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From Workflows to Action-Driven Ontologies: Sentiment Analysis of Comments in Course Surveys. Plot Generation raciocijio-logico Character-Based Decisions. Modeling the Mediated Schema Constraints.


Trajectory data analysis using complex networks.

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Cooperative Environments for Geographic Databases: Desenvolvimento de cursos baseados na Web: Knowledge-Based Information Systems in Practice. An Algebra of Lightweight Ontologies: Towards multi-level and modular conceptual schema specifications.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol Separating Content from Didactics. Can Entities be Friends?

video-aulas raciocinio-logico lfg

Flexible workflow execution through an ontology-based approach. Springer, Champp.

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Anchors and Links for Nested Composite Nodes. Applying Analogy to Schema Generation. Generating rules for incremental maintenance of Video-ulas view of relational data.

GeoInfo Series 39, Vienna: Training Games and GIS. Revising the constraints of lightweight mediated schemas. The Role of Constraints in Linked Data. On the Problem of Matching Database Schemas.