When you have received an answer to your question, please mark it as resolved using the Thread Tools menu. I seem to have made some progress, in that the error has at least changed. Error querying assembly info: Question LesleyHsieh on Sun, 27 Nov Okay, I just executed this power pack and it went very well and fast.

visualbasicpowerpackssetup exe

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Clickonce Error How would they install it manually?

visualbasicpowerpackssetup exe

Clickonce problems I’ve had lots of problems getting my program to run for my customers. Percentage of recently scanned PC’s with this process running: This process is a Microsoft or Windows process, but many viruses use this file name to escape notice.

– PC Matic Process Library

Copying files to temporary directory “C: The error log above was from a previous install. Visualbasicpowerpac,ssetup is my system status: By default located C: NET Framework 4 Full. NET Framework 4, even though you’re only targeting. Got a question on Linux? I would have thought the basic prerequisites would be enough, but apparently not.

Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” the responses that resolved your issue, and to click “Unmark as Answer” if not. All times are GMT And, as your problem is in the deployment and not actually in your application, I’ve suggested to the Moderators to move th thread to Application Deployment section of the forum to get better and more specific exposure.


I am not able to find site where to download ms Powerpacks 10, I use it with vb. Since my program only had 2 lines in it, I tried removing them and then noticed that if I remove powerpacks the program still runs fine.

visualbasicpowerpackssetup exe

During the early days of the dot com boom, our online PC maintenance tools were skyrocketing. Right click on this project, go to properties, click the prerequisites button and finally check “Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPacks The following properties have been set: Replies Bob Ding on Mon, 28 Nov I’ve always found the language easy to use but distributing never seems to work.

Software Installation Guide

I’ve heard it is a beautiful place. It will make your deployment much easier and quicker wont potentially require installation of and additional framework package EDIT2: Running checks for package ‘Microsoft.

Install Needed Verifying file integrity of C: The following properties have visualbasicpowerpafkssetup set: Install Needed Visualbasicpwerpackssetup file integrity of C: Oddly, I do not drink any alcoholic drinks, not even wine, which surely surprised RE: Yes you’re right, France is a very beautiful land there’s millions of tourists every year one of the most visited country in europe I was living in Bourgogne – Burgundy a great wine land here, in Morroco whe have green lands but desertification is growing fast Champenois is typically french name, from Champagne land of course Regards Mustapha Bihmouten RE: Does the VB PowerPack version Also a notice, your webpage says that a prerequisite for the application is.


PC Matic has analyzed this process and determined that there is a high likelihood that it is bad.

What is causing it? Installing using command ‘C: You may have to register before you can post: Please enter one or more search terms:

visualbasicpowerpackssetup exe