The lettershapes have been influenced by the fact that the wordmark had to be used as a 3D light box. We’d also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected companies we think you might like. With the more modern, electric typewriters at the time, you were already able to make variations of six or seven weights for a letter. Using multiples of this he arrived at a stem width of To make it even more relevant to the World Cup games, each letter and number includes a Royal Dutch Football Association crest near the bottom.

wim crouwel gridnik

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Gridnik – Wikipedia

In he designed the Dutch pavilion for Expo ’70 Osaka, Japan. In he designed the typeface New Alphabeta design that embraces the limitations of the cathode ray tube technology used by early data display screens and phototypesetting equipment, thus only containing horizontal and vertical strokes.

While at Total Design, Crouwel created 11 stamp images for the Dutch PTT postal service which was then put into circulation from to The Gridnik goes back to crouqel typeface that you once designed for a typewriter. When the typeface was first presented, it was criticized for being too abstract, but Gridni, maintains that it was only created as a theory and to show that designers have to push the boundaries into the future and not just let history dictate their work.

Compared to a normal typeface, that was of course not much, but it was already far more advanced than the single width of the old-fashioned typewriter. Using multiples of this he arrived at a stem width of Between and he was connected to the department of industrial design of the Delft University of Technology. Crouwel used grids consistently throughout his career, which visibly or invisibly directed the balance of his designs.


Foundry Gridnik | David Quay Design

A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit. Crouwel began his career in creating exhibition, graphic, and product designs along with Kho Liang Ie. You can unsubscribe at any time.

This typeface has since been digitized in a collaboration with The Foundry in and has spawned many variations, some of which are free. Other fonts were designed for electric typewriters, taking the fast-moving demands of technology and making them into concrete aesthetic statements. Foundry Gridnik was originally released in a single weight font as one of six typefaces in Foundry Architype 3, the Crouwel Collection, Foundry Gridnik has now been extended by The Foundry designers into a family of four weights, with the full approval of Crouwel.

It was digitized in Ikarus, a pre-Mac programme developed in Germany by URW, which I still think is far more accurate than more recent font software, and allows for finer tuning.

Foundry Gridnik

Please tick here if you are happy to receive these messages. Akademie Voor Kunst en Vormgeving St. From onwards, Crouwel was responsible for the design of the posters, catalogues and exhibitions of bridnik Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

The lettershapes have been influenced by the fact that the wordmark had to be used as a 3D light box. However, throughout his career, he chose the aesthetics of a design over the functionality, and often felt the conflict between the rational and the emotional aspects of design. All histories start at the cfouwel and so I shall start at the beginning.


Other typefaces from his hand are Fodor and Gridnik.

wim crouwel gridnik

Princeton Architectural Press, In addition, he studied typography at what is now the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. He drew a special version of Politeneconsisting of the word nederland and the numerals. All characters are based on a square grid, with the degree corners.

wim crouwel gridnik

He originally studied painting at the Groningen Academy of Art and had focused on expressionist works, but after creating his first exhibition poster inbecame more and more influenced by the Swiss International Style, which emphasized cleanliness, readability and objectivity.

Olivetti called it Politene.

Letters were distinguished by small variations in the vertical lines and understrokes. From this it was easy to calculate the other 3 new weights we added, halving it for the light to a stem width of 28, adding half again to the 56 to make a stem width of 84 for the medium, and lastly doubling the 56 to make for the bold.

I was busy with the Olivetti letter and made a variation for the stamps. This page was last wiim on 20 Septemberat The result was a sans serif monoline all lines are of equal thickness typeface.

Admittedly, due to the abstraction of the letters, New Alphabet is Educating the Future Throughout his career, Crouwel has also taught at the following institutions: Crouwel is also featured in the full length documentary film Helvetica, of which an excerpt is shown here.