The critical effect of bleeding triggers an animation of pain before, there was none. The barrier reduces damage and provides resistance to critical effects. Geralt starts with 80 Vitality Points. And to the people saying it makes it easier; Did you play through the entire game or Arena with the mod enabled? From your comments I still can’t decide what I’m going to do.

witcher 2 full combat rebalance

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Where can I find the track that is played in the main menu of the game? Combta Changes FCR is composed of many separate parts, each of which can be installed alone or in combination with any of the others.

Some of the monsters in the game do not have to be killed, so if you witche handle one of the opponents, and the plot does not require defeating it, withdraw from the fight. Geralt starts with 40 Vitality Points.

witcher 2 full combat rebalance

They live and hunt on their own, however they tend to join in pairs in some periods. Cheers Andrzej Flash Kwiatkowski. The modifications are not balanced in terms of difficulty level for the additional adventures, and it is possible that unforeseen errors might occur.

Full Combat Rebalance Mod for The Witcher 2 is out! – CD PROJEKT RED

There’s no guarantee Witcher 3 will import savegames from the modded game correctly. Is it possible to install all the extras without increasing the level of difficulty?


Before a difficult battle, use witchher Places of Power to empower your Signs. The witcher ground his teeth — the cut, which should have sundered the beast in two, had been nothing but a scratch.

Oils Every witcher should have a supply of oils targeted to the monsters that one expects to meet. A hierarchy will be present among different species of monsters.

witcher 2 full combat rebalance

Other monster types have minimal regeneration, an amount that has a very small impact on combat. Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, and developers. The number of talents granted each level has been decreased, which forces players to specialize.

Ramesses View Profile View Posts. Home Wltcher Workshop Market Broadcasts. It is useful for fighting monsters where a lot of strength is needed to pierce their tough skin and mounds of flesh.

The Witcher Full Combat Rebalance Mod Guide

Posted July 10, Last edited by josh ; May 12, 4: The fast style consists of quick, precise hits aimed at unprotected spots. I’d like to replay the game before I buy Witcher 3. Difficulty levels in the Easy package: I think FCR2 improves the combat by a mile but the animation problems and unresponsive inputs still remain as it seems to be a problem with the game engine. This sounds very much like an improvement to the already good game. I read that the mod adds a coombat sword.


The Witcher Full Combat Rebalance Mod Guide – Kırmızı Perfect

Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. Posted July 07, Food and drinks now ensure a small, but long-lasting regeneration bonus. A good deal of talents has been added to the skill tree, whereas talents whose functions repeated themselves wtcher been deleted. EagleBeak Sep 16 So there is no file for this mod here, and I have tried downloading it directly from Redkit 10 times using 2 different internet services and each time the file is corrupted.

The chance of being poisoned by monsters has been increased. Graveirs and cemetaurs, although much more populous than before the war, are but a small portion of the whole of the population of necrophages.

Full Combat Rebalance 2

Can someone confirm this? The skill tree is better too, actually makes alchemy look nice.

witcher 2 full combat rebalance

Without the Swallow potion, the White Wolf would survive a single fight, but he would probably be barely alive at the beginning of the next one.