As illust rat ed in t he above f igure, dat a t ransmission proceeds as f ollows: By using UDP broadcast, all modules on the same subnet will be searched. If ,,0 is set, this function is not activated. This of f er is non-t ransf erable. Select ,,Server of “Operation Mode”.

wiz110sr configuration tool

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Close the configuration tool program. Details of each section are available below. The designated character will be included if the data size does not exceed the buffer size. Serial Configuration Testing Process Above process is shown in the serial console as below figure.

(PDF) WIZSR User’s Manual (Version | INGENIERO AMARO –

Therefore, network information of the module such as IP address, subnet mask and gateway is required. Configuration Tool Option Config. As shown in Figure configutation, select Option tab and check ‘Enable’ combo box of “Password” menu. Inactivity time After the connection is established, if there is not data transmission within the time defined in Inactivity time, the connection is closed automatically.

wiz110sr configuration tool

Page 16 When any of three delimiters is satisfied, data can be sent to the Ethernet. Please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide!


Wiznet WIZ110SR User Manual

Setting This function is to complete the configuration change. The module will be initialized to the changed values re-booting is processed To check configuration result, click ,Search button. Configuration Tool Serial Config. Please take caution of the following when using Trigger code.

Shows the number of searched devices and the progress of firmware upload. However, if WIZSR receives dat a f rom t he serial device bef ore connect ion is est ablished, it changes t o t he client mode and sends t he dat a t o t he server IP. Execute Configuration Tool program. Serial Configuration Frame Format During t his period, WIZnet will repair or replace a def ect ive product s or part f ree of charge.

During this period, WIZnet will repair or replace a defective products or part free of charge. Configuration Tool Network Config Version: Lists the information of searched devices on the network. Password ,Password function is for blocking clients access which is not allowed. The conf configurztion ion value can be changed in below st eps.

By using PING test, you can check if network is correctly configured. In addition to this, if any emergency occurs in the serial device, the module will change to Client mode to establish the connection to the server and deliver the emergency status of the device. By using UDP broadcast, all modules on the same subnet will be searched.


A dialogue box t it led Processing will be displayed as below. When you want to set via serial communication, check “enable”. Board Dimensions and Pin Assignment 6. Displays f irmware version. MCU in the module controls the data according to the configuration value that user defined. MCU in t he module cont rols t he dat a according t o t he conf igurat ion value t hat user def ined. The warranty applies only to products distributed by WIZnet or our official distributors. WIZSR provides multiple serial data packing options 9.

wiz110sr configuration tool

Skip to main content. Password function can be operated only in ,TCP Server mode.