Want to learn more about the team who brings you the Dash Hacks news? There are tutorials for extracting the SS using these drives. It should be noted however, that most images already contain the security sector and this step should be skipped. Would you like to get all the new buzz from Dashhacks in your email each day? You will need to select Replace with dummy data, check the box at the bottom that says Always apply Selection, and hit Selection. It is important to power cycle the drive at the correct moment to prevent your computer from freezing with VIA cards. If you watch the next boot messages, you should see something like “HLL Found!

xbox 360 hitachi-lg mode b distribution of slax linux

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Both the Xbox and PC should still be off.

xbox 360 hitachi-lg mode b distribution of slax linux

Open up ISOBuster and check to see if the drive unlocked correctly, you may get an error. You do all this at YOUR own work, don’t make it someone else’s problem. This tutorial requires all of these: If hirachi-lg did not hit Save, the window should still be up. It requires a serial adapter and SATA controller. Select the correct DVD recorder if distrubution have more than one DVD drive installed, and burn the disc at a compatible speed.

Flash Hitachi-LG Using JungleFlasher (Soft Mode B)

You’re going to need: You will need to have your key. Have your hacked firmware for the drive you want to use as a replacement for the Lite-On ready. Add Thread to del. It is never safe to connect your to the Internet if you play backups, or especially games before they are released.


Commodore4Eva llinux working on a Hitachi firmware to extract the security sector from discs.

Send DVD Drive to Mode B (Xbox 360)

If all is good, close the drive and wait for windows to detect a disc change. On some setups it’s not needed to have the tray half-open, it works fine with the tray closed. No one in the forums works for Microsoft, so don’t ask about it.

It still requires extracting of the key. Microsoft may, among other things: We ,or our suppliers ,own the title, copyright, and other intellectual property rights in the software and Service, and the software and Service are solely licensed and not sold. On Hitachi-LG drives, first restore the original firmware before flashing the new didtribution firmware. It will automatically verify flash. Go to Options, Communication, and Read Settings.

The utility will interface with the drive over the serial connection and dump the key og SATA. Once you have double-checked that the lid is on completely, go back to SS Patcher. You do not need to be signed in either.

Leave the PC to do it’s work. Once Flash information is displayed, you are ready to write! Navigate to where you want to save the backup and click save. Go to Drive Tools, select Mini dvdinfo pro. There are many ways to screw this up, so please read this through beforehand, follow all directions, and please ask questions first if you do not understand a step.


Xbox Lite-On DG16D2S Extract Key – ivc wiki

Basically as bad as you said, Ape. Push the actual eject button on the front to eject the tray and insert your large movie DVD.

To verify and view the unique identifier, select Tools and Spoof Firmware again, and look at the top of window under Current Detection String. The identification string is 0x60 bytes long. If you receive from us software or content e.

Node only recommended to use the BenQ drive at this stage, using other drives gives a very high possibility of getting banned if you go on Xbox Live, obviously any drive can get you banned but the Toshiba-Samsung and Hitachi-LG drives will have a far higher possibility to be banned.

xbox 360 hitachi-lg mode b distribution of slax linux

The Xbox system is married to the specific DVD drive when it ships from the factory.